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Our History

The MGCSA has a proud history which began in March 1969 when the Horticulturist for Bexar County issued a news release to all the local San Antonio news media inviting all men interested in forming a garden club in the San Antonio area. Seventeen men responded and decided to organize and charter a Men's Garden Club after petitioning for a National Charter. Also, during 1969 historic steps were taken by the city to start a Botanical Center (Gardens). The MGCSA embraced this project and became the Botanical Center's main and strongest supporter. Thus, the MGCSA began and grew in parallel with the botanical movement in San Antonio. The MGCSA flourished from its humble beginnings and evolved as the key player of the gardening community of San Antonio. It progressed in size and stature as a men's and woman's independent garden club while retaining its legacy name and non-profit status.  Many of the present day splinter garden clubs and the Bexar County Master Gardener Program owe their origin to the MGCSA and share in its love and devotion to gardening.

Our Values

Malcom Beck, a beloved member of our Club who passed in 2018, once said the following that supports our values:

"If what you wish for is good, and you have faith, it will come. And when you share your beneficial knowledge and discoveries, you will prosper much greater than if you selfishly kept them hidden. Knowledge and discoveries don't belong to any one person; they are eternal. They are written for all by the Master Designer. Just feel honored to be a chosen messenger.

And if you wish for future requests to be granted, you must not forget the last law of success and that is to tell God "thanks!"

by Malcom Beck, Father of Organic Gardening and Lifetime Member of the MGCSA


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